6 thoughts on “Students need motivation… So do I…

  1. Before and after pictures. A writing portfolio would be a good example of this. Save a piece of the students writing at the beginning of ninth grade and then compare that with a piece at the end of 12th. I know that’s long term, but you could do the same thing with quarterly comparisons.

  2. Play with your kids! My District only goes up to 8th grade, so 8th grade is the closest grade to high school that I work with. However, even the oldest kids in our District love to play, and this makes learning fun. There’s this special kind of energy in a classroom, from the students and the teacher, when there’s some type of “game” connected to the learning.
    I have also learned through professional development delivery that adults love to play when they are learning too!

  3. I’m torn between two…Before and after pictures sound amazing. Last year I went the CUE conference and heard a teacher speak about how she uses instagram in her high school classroom. She creates a hashtag and the students tag the pictures they take to be shared. She had great success with that.

    I also like Play With Your Kids! You never get too old to play. Besides who is more fun to play with than your teacher! I play with my kids all the time. I have to. It’s my way of keeping sane.

  4. Before and after pictures probably. I am an art teacher and each year I like to assess the starting point of skills the students have. I even ask them to remember back to when they were 5 and ask them to draw a tree how they drew them at that age. Then I ask them how they currently draw trees. Finally, I teach my lesson on how to draw trees. It is pretty remarkable how they improve and with this and many other assignments with before and after shots, the students begin to realize they are capable. Each time they improve, they become more confident that they can meet the challenges of the new assignment.

  5. Susie, sometimes life gets so that just laughter, a smile, and having fun will help. My students keeps me “very young”! In one of my classes, we did a miniature “The Voice”. The kids loved it. Another class heard about it and now they want to do it! The students really activated the new pedagogy of “push and pull”. The students were not pushing away….they were pulling towards learning! That reminds me, I better remember to get the certificates and tiaras before I return back to work Monday!

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