Coming Together, Keeping Together, Working Together


WB-497I found this poster on a cycling site called; but actually, this quote is attributed to Henry Ford, an American industrial giant.  I love this image because it really symbolizes this week’s doctoral collaborative project in which we had to create an online class or learning module.

First, let me address the inspirational quote.  As an excellent example of parallel structure (English teacher here!), the quote takes three verbs (coming, keeping, working) and turns them into nouns, AKA gerunds.  Why is this significant? The actions double as the subjects of each sentence, adding extra layers of emphasis and significance.  In other words, the reader is not instructed to just come together, keep together, and work together.  Instead, it is the recipe of three ingredients – THE coming together, THE keeping together, and THE working together – that builds a strong and successful collaborative group.  Depending on the group and/or the project, the recipe may require more of one ingredient or another, but all three must be present to keep this parallel structure (and collaborative group) flowing.  Too much English for today?  I completely understand.

Next, I’d like to reflect on the image.  The phrase “faces blurred to protect the innocent” comes to mind. Ha!  In the photo there are 5 riders; my group has 5 people.  I may be wrong, but I can’t really tell which riders are men and which are women.  Does it matter? Nope, and it doesn’t matter in my group, either.  In our group we have 3 women and 2 men, but we are all talented educators, intellectual doctoral candidates, and fabulous people from different walks of life (more parallel structure)… and when we need to complete a group project we prefer to take the ride together.

What’s missing from the photo? A beautiful meal, some delicious beverages, and five laptops.  Next time I will make sure we take a team photo because this group will inspire me to keep going for a long time… even when I want to give up. Thanks team!  I love you!  I know it’s tough for us to find the time to “come together”, but next time I’ll host the party in Northridge.