Class on the Web



Tonight, I met with half of my doctoral cohort through Adobe Connect.  Previously we’ve used Go To Meeting and Google Hangouts.  It’s still an imperfect science, for the students and the professor.  There are some frustrations that come with this activity – sometime it really works out, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Tonight, however, I saw a master a work.  Dr. Bonni… she’s a pro.  I’m appreciative of her skills and her patient spirit.  There is so much for all of us to learn… and so much for all of us to share and teach.  I can imagine that, eventually, I’ll become as skilled at all of this as I am with a white board marker and my teacher’s version of the textbook.  It takes an open mind and practice.  Well, looks like I’ll be seeking out some more experts to follow because I’d like to blend some practice with my theory!