9 Ways to Maximize Your Summer Before College


9 Ways to Maximize Your Summer Before College

I captured this article and saved it to my Evernote folder because leadership expert @TimElmore re-tweeted it.  The article is written by Kyli Singh and, clearly, the audience is about 20 years younger than me.  However, I found interest and inspiration in several of the tips, particularly the overarching point that I should use my summer time wisely and purposefully.  A few of the nine points are already fast-tracked in my life: blogging, reading, traveling. But the one that REALLY CAUGHT MY EYE is point #4: Improve Your Resume.

Even though I am not looking for a new job, it is always a good idea to work on your resume.  In fact, it’s particularly beneficial to update it and redesign it when you are NOT looking for a new job because you are calmer and more objective.  Then, just in case opportunity comes knocking, you are ready with a resume in the email that doesn’t scream “I JUST UPDATED THIS MORNING!”.  At the end of the article there’s  a bonus link on how to make your resume multi-dimensional.  I will DEFINITELY be checking that out and blogging on it later!

I know that most adults don’t have the summer free, and the word “free” is definitely misleading.  My summer isn’t free, but it’s definitely different from the school year.  My “summer-self” is different from my “school-year self”.

So, take a look at this article and apply it to your life. Hand it to a young adult who could apply it to his/her life.  Either way, make each season purposeful because we only get so many summers.