Lessons from Baggar Vance


Last week my AP English class took their AP English Literature Exam… WHEW!… and for these last few classes I decided to show The Legend of Baggar Vance (2000).  I love this movie! Have you seen it?  I love the lessons that it teaches… I love the cast… I love the golf metaphor for life’s journey.  There are many messages for my students in this film, but today I received two new messages.  The first is to just keep swinging that club.  In this doctoral journey, in my journey as a mother, in all  my journeys, sometimes I just want to stop swinging because I am tired, frustrated, or both.  But that leads me to the second lesson – see the field.  Looking at the big picture, seeing the field for it what it is and where I’m going, can be daunting but exciting as well.  This is my round, my life, and I need to take it one swing at a time.  If you haven’t seen the movie, you should!


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